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Zuidpool loves Words. Written, spoken, sung... 'Autour de la table' is a series of evenings that focus on the process of writing. Authors can share work-in-progress with the audience. Or propose a first reading of new dialogues. Or propose a long forgotten text to be read again...

Zuidpools writers-in-residence can present their work-in-progress at the end of their residence. Some authors may do this on stage (i.e. Gerard Herman), some may do this in the informal setting of 'Autour de la table':

Autour de la table #1: Kirsten Van den Hoorn

Autour de la table #2: Tineke De Meyer 

Autour de la table #3: Juicy Dune IJsselmuiden & Sasha Bornkamp

Autour de la table #4: Ruud Horrichs / De Eenzamen

Autour de la table #... season 2019/2020 to be announced.