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  • RESET 14/12/2012 20:00
    Theater Zuidpool
    03 232 81 04
  • Reset 15/12/2012 20:00
    Theater Zuidpool
    03 232 81 04
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  • © Mirjam Devriendt
    © Mirjam Devriendt

Everything is in order.

The shelves are full.
The light is soft.
The music inconspicuous.

The blonde buys a diet coke.
The thick one a packet of chips.
The little one a bag of candy.

Everything is in balance.

Above the exit hangs a sign that says 'EXIT'.

Everything is in order.

(What are we waiting for?)

Reset starts out from the notion that our ability to rebel is paralysed by the immeasurable world in which everything is interrelated.

TRISTERO is a Brussels based theatre company, the artistic core being Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx and Peter Vandenbempt. Manu Devriendt is the company manager.

If you take all the TRISTERO productions, you will find them very diverse. Often it’s new or unknown repertoire: good comedies or intriguing ‘well made plays’,  own adaptations of prose, but also movement theatre or a mix of one or more of the above mentioned.

TRISTERO has a nose for less well known but interesting theatre texts. They adapt them, putting their own mark, and turn them into a theatre experience for a broad public, without it becoming merely entertainment.  This results in intelligent and funny shows, with a sharp edge.

Several tracks 
Tristero stages different kinds of shows.  Usually it starts off by us being fascinated by a text, but it also be a theme, a concept or an image. We make it our mark to research and to try out different styles.

A different repertoire 
TRISTERO is constantly on the lookout for new or injustly unknown or rarely staged authors/texts. This is why we have staged several Flemish premières and creations (amonst others Altijd ’t zelfde, Locos, Play with Repeats). Moreover we do not limit ourselves to theatre plays; in the past we’ve also successfully adapted prose.

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