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Dinska Bronska


MartHa!tentatief is an established Flemish theatre company from Antwerp, whose work focuses on living in the city in the 21st century, including the important changes in society. In collaboration with the new Red Star Line museum and the Royal Ballet of Flanders, MartHa!tentatief created a dance performance in interaction with an animation film, for everyone over the age of 8.

Selected for the Flemish Theater Festival 2014

Dinska Bronska is a timeless story about abandoning everything and arriving somewhere else. Between 1880 and 1920 the Red Star Line boat carried more than two million emigrants from Antwerp to New York. It is a story of poverty and misery, but also of hope and new opportunities. This 100 year old story remains up-to-date nowadays by the arrival of new people in cities all over the world, hoping for a better life. Dinska Bronska is based on the unique historical testimonies of emigrating children in the 19th century intertwined with interviews with children that arrived recently in Antwerp.
(It’s a small and mobile performance that can easily be translated for touring abroad.)

For this production MartHa!tentatief worked with Boris Sverlow, a gifted animation artist. Dinska Bronska is danced by the promising Anastassya Savitsky in a dazzling choreography by Kiki Vervloessem. The score  is by the young composer Milan Warmoeskerken (Mittland och leo, Flying Horseman). The story is told by the 12 -year-old Arevik Akopian , who was born in Armenia).

‘Dinska Bronska is here since two years, two months and two days. She comes from there, a country very far away, where she was born and has grown up. One day she left.  She undertakes an incredible journey from there to here, a journey from the past to the present , a journey through history’.