Theater Zuidpool main guest at Theater Aan Zee festival 2015 Ostend 30 July - 8 August
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Theater Zuidpool main guest at Theater Aan Zee festival 2015 Ostend 30 July - 8 August

  • © Jef Cuypers
    © Jef Cuypers
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    © Koen Broos
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    © Olav Bjaaland // Kaat Flamey

We are proud to inform you that Zuidpool will be the main guest at Theater Aan Zee (Theatre by the Sea - TAZ for short) in Ostend from July 30 to August 8.

Zuidpool by the Sea

As the main guest, Zuidpool will revive a number of shows from the past ten years such as Opus XX and Macbeth, as well as the more recent Al te luide eenzaamheid. New work is also planned: more about this later.

As well as putting on its own shows, in the spirit of TAZ Zuidpool will be making the interaction between young artists and established theatremakers more central than ever. Not just with performances bringing the different generations together on stage, but also collaborations and encounters in summer classes, debates and workshops leading to public performances.

A second focus is on maintaining and promoting cultural dialogue and mutual interest between Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and the Netherlands – an area at the heart of Europe where the arts are of a particularly high quality, yet are under threat.

In addition, Zuidpool attaches importance to cross-fertilisation between all artistic disciplines. It is therefore inviting a selection of domestic and foreign guests to help shape the festival. These will include other theatre companies, but also musicians, visual artists, designers, writers and performers who will give concerts, exhibit, discuss and debate at different venues in Ostend.

Besides a number of new formats, the regular TAZ ingredients will be retained in 2015: a large selection of young theatremakers and music groups, a wide-ranging literary programme and a family park for young children.

about Theater Zuidpool

Zuidpool is a Flemish theatre company based around Jorgen Cassier, Sofie Decleir and Koen van Kaam. In the 2015-2016 season it will be exactly ten years since they gave Zuidpool a new look as its artistic directors.

Taking as their starting point a great love for the actor and for language, they have opted for both the classical (theatre) repertoire and contemporary drama. Since 2005-2006, Zuidpool has mounted over twenty productions. Most performances are based on existing texts (from the Greeks to Jon Fosse), but the Heysel Stadium disaster, a documentary about Metallica and the history of the 20th century have also been the basis for performances.

As well as the source material, the form always varies greatly: from the one-man shows Opus XX and Al te luide eenzaamheid to the ensemble pieces kReon and Phaedra; from the wordless Tanztheater piece Salomé Redux to Macbeth in English, set to music; from the sober staging of Oorlog and Nachtlied to the impressive audio and video world of Empedocles, currently on tour in Flanders and the Netherlands.

The form of every performance emerges through intensive collaboration with autonomous theatremakers (actors, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, designers and others), who work from within their own disciplines to make a decisive mark on the whole.

Zuidpool is based in an Antwerp property which has a theatre, a rehearsal space and a basement bar. A scruffy but warm nest of old bricks and concrete, Theater Zuidpool is the place for creating and performing the company’s own work. But Zuidpool has also turned its premises into a busy rehearsal location and performance venue for other artists and companies – an artistic breeding ground for theatre, music, dance and the visual arts, and a meeting place for artists and audiences during performances and at festivals such as RECUP.

“Theater Zuidpool is known for its acute handling of the classical repertoire.” Geert Sels, De Standaard, on ‘Faust’

“Zuidpool shows once again that with inspired actors and an intense belief in the impossible, you can pull off a great deal in the theatre (...): bring heavy literary material to life and make the elevated word flesh. Few other companies take such delight in doing justice to the recalcitrant.” Wouter Hillaert, De Standaard, on ‘Phaedra’

“Here is a close-knit group of players and theatremakers at work developing idiosyncratic projects... and not opting for easy solutions.” Johan Thielemans,, on ‘Phaedra’

“An Oscar for Theater Zuidpool (...) Here there is no trace of the glib irony of much stand-up and other theatre. (...) The company performs on an empty stage, without music, what is probably the first credible answer to the whole repertoire debate. With a powerfully updated text, yet with all the tragedy of the original, thanks to some ensemble playing that is a real treat to behold.” Wouter Hillaert, De Standaard, on ‘kReon’

Zuidpool is Jorgen Cassier, Sofie Decleir, Koen van Kaam, Flore Opsomer, David Cornille and David Van Hove.