OPUS XX - Patrik Ourednik
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OPUS XX - Patrik Ourednik

Theater Zuidpool
  • © Raymond Mallentjer
    © Raymond Mallentjer
  • © Raymond Mallentjer
    © Raymond Mallentjer

The twentieth century has been and gone. In no other century has man accomplished so much in such a short space of time. Neither has he wreaked such havoc.
OPUSXX is a work / production about history and memory, about summaries and powerlessness, about fact and perception, about time and tension, about tiresomeness and a listening ear.

This critically acclaimed production is still on repertoire and can be performed in different languages.
Based on the book Europeana – a brief History of the Twentieth Century by Patrick Ourednik (2001).


What Sofie Decleir does with Opus XX is what makes you fall in love with theatre. So essential and concentrated in its form and content, so subtle in play and décor, so heavy in its stream-of-facts.  Just like her father, Sofie Decleir is magnificent in performing monologues.
De Morgen *****, Liv Laveyne

Sofie Decleir is absolutely persuasive in the way she performs this history class. Sparkling, she tastes her text as if pronouncing it for the very first time. Sometimes, she halts, aware of what still has to be told. You’ve never seen her so free, so poignant and yet so unpretentious. Sofie Decleir has really got it all in Opus XX.
De Standaard, Wouter Hillaert

OPUS XX is amazingly clever theatre about the awkwardness of mankind. … Sofie Decleir performs a monologue that makes a lasting impression, thanks to her astonishing mix of naivety, suspicion, disbelief and earnestness. Decleirs role is that of the Conscience of humanity. Without judging upon the acts of mankind (from concentration camps to clone technology), she links historical facts. The silent breaks in between suggest doubt.
Knack, Els Van Steenberghe


created in Dutch; available in French, German and English
performed by Sofie Decleir | created by Jorgen Cassier, Sofie Decleir, Koen van Kaam 
technician David Van Hove | production Theater Zuidpool | length 100 min. approximately
based on the book Europeana by Patrick Ourednik