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Le Docteur Miracle

Volksopera / Stijn Saveniers / Jorgen Cassier
  • © Kaat Hellings
    © Kaat Hellings
  • © Bouffes Parisiens
    © Bouffes Parisiens
  • © Emile Bayard - Bouffes Parisiens
    © Emile Bayard - Bouffes Parisiens

Volksopera (Folkopera) is a new Belgian production company for comic opera from the era 1850-1950. Le Docteur Miracle by Charles Lecocq will be their first presentation.
This showing is the result of a working period under the artistic direction and conduction of Stijn Saveniers, coached by director Jorgen Cassier (Zuidpool).

With Anne Cambier, Lien Haegeman, Vincent Lesage, Pillet Fabrice, under the artistic direction of Jorgen Cassier and Stijn Saveniers