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400 years after his death, William Shakespeare is being honoured by ZUIDPOOL as a gifted singer-songwriter.

O learn to read what silent love hath writ,
To hear with eyes belongs to love’s fine wit.

"SHAKE-SPEARE'S SONNETS" is a song cycle composed by Jorgen Cassier. An ode to the transience of beauty, life and language. Performed in English.

Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate

That Time will come and take my love away.

For “SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS”, Jorgen Cassier chose 15 of the sonnets as published in the original 1609 edition. He sings and plays the compositions live. The idea is to trace the sonnets back to their original form: short songs in which Shakespeare demonstrates his virtuosity in the power of speech and diction.


"If music be the food of love, the conclusion can only be: play on, Jorgen Cassier, play on." Poëziekrant (BE)

"Who would have thought that the English bard was in fact a singer-songwriter before his time? It is Theater Zuidpool –text freak par excellence among the theatre makers of this world – that comes to the fore with this insight in its lively Shake-Speares Sonnets. 

Cassier invites you to sample some of those timeless words one by one, thanks to his purified singing accompanied by the fascinating animations on the screen behind him – the ingenious work of Frederik Jassogne and Bart Moens. … Thus Cassier is once again doing what he achieved so successfully a few seasons ago with Macbeth: allowing us to experience the exquisite English of Shakespeare in the best possible circumstances. Macbeth was a rock concert, while here Cassier turns the selection from the sonnets into an intimate concert, wearing his heart on his sleeve.  ...
He gives each sonnet a distinctive tonal colour. Nods to Tom Waits, David Bowie and Lou Reed are not far off. Yet he has marked each song with his own unmistakeable stamp…. A tour de force.
" Knack (BE)

Jorgen Cassier is an actor, musician, director and writer. He studied acting at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp and since 2005 is the co-artistic director of Zuidpool. He composed and played the music for Zuidpool productions such as “Salomé Redux”, “Hooglied” [Song of Songs], “MACBETH” and “Al te luide eenzaamheid” [Too loud a solitude].  Cassier plays bass, guitar and piano and has performed with Eric Thielemans, Claron McFadden, Jean Yves Evrard, Mauro Pawlowski, Tijs Delbeke, Jozef Dumoulin, Kaat Hellings and Bert Dockx, among others.
Shakespeare’s Sonnets have long been a passion of Jorgen’s. He set a few of them to music as his final year project at Studio Herman Teirlinck and in 2008 recorded one with Eric Thielemans' ensemble EARR.
The Ghent duo Hangaar (visual designers of the Zuidpool production of EMPEDOKLES) provide the video scenography.

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1.   1/2  Pity the world
2.   17   You should live twice

3.   18   A Summer’s day
4.   23   Silent love

5.   31   All the all of me
6.   40   Take all my loves
7.   57   So true a fool
8.   64   Ruin
9.   66   Tired
10.  72   Shame
11.  76   Barren verse
12.  89   Forsake me
13.  121  All men are bad
14.  129  Lust
15.  147  Fever
12.  189  Forsake me
13.  121  All men are bad
14.  129  Lust
15.  147  Fever


“Shake-speares Sonnets” opens December 3 2015 in Theater Zuidpool, Antwerpen.

composition & live performance Jorgen Cassier
sound design & arrangements Luc Weytjens & Jorgen Cassier
in collaboration with Koen van Kaam
William Shakespeare
video Frederik Jassogne & Bart Moens (Hangaar)
sound Luc Weytjens
lighting design David Van Hove
produced by Theater Zuidpool

Performed in English.