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  • © Kurt Van der Elst
    © Kurt Van der Elst
  • © Jimmy Kets
    © Jimmy Kets

A new city project by MartHa!tentatief togehter with Zuidpool and Toneelhuis. "De fietsendief" ("The Bicycle Thief") is based on the famous film "Ladri di Biciclette". The play tells the story of a desperate search for a bicycle. The cast includes Sofie Decleir (Zuidpool), dancer Igor Shyshko and Marc van Eeghem (Toneelhuis).

MartHa!tentatief has made something of a name for itself as a creator of gripping, humorous city revues and this project is in the same vein. De fietsendief is based on research into life in a modern-day city but takes the form of a fictitious story that reflects real life. 

“This is the story of a desperate search for a bicycle. What is a bicycle? There are as many bicycles in Rome as there are flies. Every day dozens and dozens of them are stolen without the newspapers devoting a single word to the fact. But the newspapers might have trouble establishing the true facts.  In Antonio’s case they would have to give the theft of his bike a banner headline...” - Cesare Zavattini, screenwriter Ladri di Biciclette (1948)

In "De fietsendief" the theft of a bicycle is even today the prelude to a series of enlightening events, if only because in the hours after the theft the till then quite separate planets of four people collided. A ‘new’ young woman, who takes part in a project to teach immigrant women to ride a bicycle. The project initiator, a benevolent integration officer. A bicycle thief addicted to speed. And an embittered council worker who, because of his (not very glorious) cycling history, is chosen against his will to teach the migrant women to ride a bicycle.

The cast consists of Sofie Decleir (integration officer in a medium-sized Flemish city), Marc Van Eeghem (third place ‘elite without contract’ Gullegem Koerse, 1984), Igor Shyshko (a Bulgarian bicycle thief) and five ‘new’ young women who learn on the spot to ride a bicycle.


* Sofie Decleir (integratie­ambtenaar in een middelgrote Vlaamse stad)
* Marc Van Eeghem (derde plaats ‘elite zonder contract’ Gullegem Koerse, 1984)
* Igor Shyshko (een Bulgaarse fietsen­dief)
* en vijf ‘nieuwe’ jonge vrouwen die live leren fietsen
text Bart Van Nuffelen
direction Johan Petit & Bart Van Nuffelen
production MartHa!tentatief
coproduction Zuidpool & Toneelhuis