Elias Vandenbroucke, Gode Kempen & Zuidpool / Arenberg
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Zuidpool is proud to announce that Dutch music theatre company ORKATER was so stunned after seeing a rehearsal of 'Zeitgeber', that they deciced to produce the project, inviting the team to rehearse and perform in Amsterdam in 2018.
Dates coming up soon.

'Zeitgeber' is a new show by Elias Vandenbroucke & Gode Kempen, winners of the ‘Best international performance award’ at Amsterdam Fringe festival 2016 and Young Jury Award at Theater Aan Zee 2016 with their previous work 'Kluster'.

'Zeitgeber' focusses on the meaning of rhythm, repetition and structure in our lives. What would happen if everything occured only once?
Visuals, sound and performance create a hypnotising experience and a disturbing time experience.

Elias Vandenbroucke & Gode Kempen graduated from Royal Antwerp Conservatory in 2016. Zuidpool offers them support, rehearsal space and the stage.
They create 'Zeitgeber' in Zuidpool together with performers
Julien Neirynck, Robin Keyaert & Viktor De Greef.


VAN & MET: Elias Vandenbroucke & Gode Kempen
i.s.m. Julien Neirynck, Robin Keyaert, Viktor De Greef

CO-PRODUCTIE: Zuidpool & Arenberg

CO-PRESENTATIE: Zuidpool & Arenberg

MET DANK AAN: Walpurgis, CC Berchem, De Grote Post, Vooruit