• Love at first sight #4 - Festival van (nieuwe) makers
    Love at first sight #4 - Festival van (nieuwe) makers
  • Koningskloote © de.ploeg
    Koningskloote © de.ploeg
  • + © IJsselmuiden & Bornkamp
    + © IJsselmuiden & Bornkamp
  • Er is geen begin - midden - einde © Bart Oostindie
    Er is geen begin - midden - einde © Bart Oostindie
  • Presentatie Masterclass © Joery Erna
    Presentatie Masterclass © Joery Erna

Love at first Sight – a festival featuring work by new and interesting artists at various locations in the heart of Antwerp, shortly after the summer, presented by a temporary coalition of theatre companies: Arenberg, De Studio, Kultuurfaktorij Monty, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, Troubleyn, Zuidpool and Toneelhuis. KAVKA, deSingel and Rataplan have also worked on this year’s edition.

Just like the first three editions, Love at first Sight #4 is not a ‘best of’ but a series of projects that we fell for head over heels. Taken together, these projects give a picture of the atmosphere in which makers are operating at the moment, and making exciting, poetic and confrontational work. A bundle of imagination that you can bike together in Antwerp during the last two weekends of September 2019. Each day, you can make a different combination of projects. Welcome to the festival and enjoy!

Love at first Sight #4 = 7 premieres - 23 shows - 6 films - 5 students @ work - 7 days - 10 locations - 3 parties

Love at first Sight #4 in Zuidpool:

21/09 Presentatie Masterclass 'Het lichaam in de kunsten'

22/09 Ruud Horrichs: 'Er is geen begin - midden - einde'

27 & 28/09 Juicy Dune IJsselmuiden & Sascha Bornkamp: '+'

28/09 de.ploeg: 'Koningskloote'

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