Zuidpool is an open, modular house for the performing arts. Zuidpool looks for ways to bring its own distinctive artistic language to bear on new contexts. It combines theatre productions with masterclasses and writers’ residencies, visual art with poetry, interactive performances with debates.

MASTERCLASS "THE BODY IN THE ARTS" with BARRY/Karel Tuytschaever - September 2019

In autumn 2019, Zuidpool is undertaking a collaboration with the actor, theatre maker and university lecturer Karel Tuytschaever. Together, we are holding an intensive 6-day masterclass that is open to every art form and focuses on the body.

The event is intended as an encounter across all boundaries within artistic education. A dialogue between theory and practice. Mutual discovery and an in-depth approach are the main objectives.

As a participant in the masterclass, you will be immersed in the world of Karel Tuytschaever and coaxed along through the workshop of his ideas.

Fri 13/09 20u: performance 'STRANGER' by Karel Tuytschaever
Mon 16/09 - Sat 21/09: masterclass 
Sat 21/09 17u: presentation Masterclass 

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