01/12/2005 20:00
Siberië was a theatrical concert based on the songs, writings and the life of Vladimir Vissotsky. Siberië was the first production of the new artis… Read More
15/03/2006 20:00
Oorlog is an adaptation of the play by Lars Norèn. Selected for the Flemish Theatre Festival 2006.… Read More
21/03/2007 20:00
DUS: based on the eyewitness accounts of people who were involved in the Heizel Stadium drama.… Read More
21/02/2008 20:00
Nachtlied: a treatment of the play by Jon Fosse.… Read More
15/05/2008 20:00
Hooglied: based on a text from the Old Testament.… Read More
29/10/2008 20:00
Cockfish was inspired by a documentary about Metallica… Read More
04/03/2009 20:00
kReon: a reinterpretation written by Jorgen Cassier of the Thebes cycle in the tradition of Sophocles and Aeschylus.… Read More
02/12/2009 - 12/03/2016
OPUSXX: a solo by Sofie Decleir about the accomplishments and the horrors of the 20th century.… Read More