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Last Call

het nieuwstedelijk

Last Call is the English version of the critically acclaimed Dansen Drinken Betalen - (almost) The Movie. This play will be exclusively performed in English!

A teenage girl wanders through a city, which looks familiar but is not clearly situated. When she escapes from her mother’s attention for a moment, she meets a man in a dark leather jacket, whose kindness impresses her. On an impulse she steals his keys. So what? A few days later she runs away from home. Again she heads for the city and wanders around. Nobody seems to notice her. Is there anybody looking out for her?

In 2013 Adriaan Van Aken started working with Philip Paquet to transform his story into a graphic novel. This collaboration resulted in a graphic novel that is almost exclusively driven by images, with hardly any text. The book also includes a cd, which provides the drawings, through the use of voice and music, with a beautiful soundtrack. Last Call is the staged version of this project. Almost a movie. Text, music and drawings are the ingredients of the performance. Adriaan Van Aken refines his own hybrid theatrical language in this project. The characters of Last Call are drawn, and the images are projected onto a big screen to tell the story. Sara Vertongen provides the drawings with a live voice over which is enhanced by the musical performance of Joris Caluwaerts.

MET Sara Vertongen



TEKENINGEN Philip Paquet

PRODUCTIE Braakland/ZheBilding